Best Works - Agency for Booking, Staging & Staffing
Daniel W. Best
Linienstr. 52
10119 Berlin
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Since 1996 Berlin-based agency Best Works serves as a powerhouse for booking, staging, staffing and publishing.

We represent about 40 talents of manifold musical styles and formations. Besides touring DJs and live bands around the globe, we have long-time experience in corporate booking and music planning.

We are part of a rich network of versatile artists and professionals in all music-related industries and team up constantly with producers, composers, musicians, DJs, music lovers as well as creatives and strategic brand consultants. We work alongside first class publishing companies, record labels and recording studios.

Show-by-show and project-by-project we assist our clients with a passion for musical conception and implementation, a broad music expertise plus a comprehensive knowledge of music, its history, genres and styles.

For all of our services we seek high quality standards and tailor-made solutions. Finding the perfect sound for your brand, event or commercial.

Best Works has a pool of excellent talents with long-time experiences in corporate events. From launch parties to fashion shows, for trade fairs or store openings, after show parties, movie premiers or exhibitions, for a hotel lobby or a company get together, we make sure to create a perfectly fitting music experience for any type of event.

From all popular styles to special interest, we are familiar with a broad range of genres including jazz and folk, pop, rock, hip hop, boogie, soul and disco beat, house, electronica, Brasilian and Caribbean vibes, afro funk, swing, classical music, lounge and lo-fi.

Our portfolio ranges from a sophisticated DJ set with or without Live PA, an acoustic duo, a clubbing sound system, a decent background band, a bumping stage performance or a swinging orchestra. All of them are available with additional visuals.

We help our clients to represent their projects, brands and products in an ideal auditive way building up a sophisticated and authentic tonality.

For your commercials – whether it is in the field of FMCG or luxury – our crew either selects pre-existing tunes or sources a professional team of songwriters and producers, recruits and books the artists and the recording studio and oversees the production process in order to create your song or cover version. Depending on the type of project we take care of licensing and negotiation, rights clearance and manage royalty collection.

We compile a passionate corporate soundtrack for your events – whether it is a fashion show or an exhibition, a trade fair or a launch campaign. Therefor we team up with the best DJs and producers to craft a customized mixtape focussing on your brand’s identity and style. If required, our team provides you with a digital or physical give-away: a CD or vinyl, a podcast or a playlist. Best Works facilitates the production, cares for the product management, briefs the designers and clears the rights.